Solar UPS Module

The device can serve constant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in low consumption equipment where mains power supply could not be or is difficult to be solved. Power may come from a 10W solar panel, but it is also possible to charge from the AC adapter. The device stores the energy in a 8800mAh Li-ion battery pack (wide temperature range, longer lifetime). Charging of the battery pack is performed intelligently with a Maximum Power Point Tracking function, using the power fed from the solar panel very efficiently. The circuit shuts off in dark operation, so the own consumption of the device remains below 10uA. The device contains charge current monitor output and charging status outputs. Protection in the device: deep discharge, charge temperature, power supply short circuit, input polarity. Design:

  • Add-on board (sandwich structure with V1 variant) with metal spacers and high row pins
  • Outdoor applications (V1 variant, add-on board style possible) with Fibox Euronord IP67 housing (variable sizes, UV protectioned PC or normal ABS materials)
  • DIN rail applications (V2 variant)


Variant V1

The device can be mounted as an add-on panel to any other device panel of at least 110x74 mm size. Soldering side of the device requires 5mm and the components side needs 22 mm of free height. It is also possible to mount the device into Fibox Euronord housing of series 1212xx with IP67 protection, the fixing points are dimensioned accordingly. In this case sandwich structure may be constructed with the carrying panel; the fixing points are available on the panel of the energy module. These should reasonably be equipped with 30 mm long M3 metal spacers with external and internal threads, and the other panel can be fixed to them. Connection can also be solved with high row of pins from CN2 and CN5 connections, either in a releasable or fixed soldered way. The Fibox Euronord 1212xx series is available in different heights: 65-75-95-105 mm. The solar cable can be connected to the house through a simple cable gland.

SolarUPS V1 Datasheet SolarUPS V1 Install Manual sem_v1r1_kep

Variant V2

The device can be put on DIN rail (35 mm) with a snap lock. Placement is possible in any DIN rail electric box or separately on the wall. In the latter case only a piece of 35 mm DIN rail has to be mounted on the wall. Electric outlet is made through pcb terminal blocks, which are mechanically integrated in the device housing. The connections can receive cables of maximum 1,5mm2.

Size: 110 x 75 x 45 mm Weight: 320 g

SolarUPS V2 Datasheet SolarUPS V2 Install Manual


Manufacturer & Distributor: Futo Kft.
Address: Hungary, 7400 Kaposvar, Dombovari u. 1.



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